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The Sense That You Belong Somewhere

Living in a different country brings its own struggles - finding a home, work, friends, new routine, new lifestyle and language. But having a young family in another country without family and close friends, can be something on a different level.

Here are 4 ways to help you find your sense of belonging -

Competencies: Investing time in meeting new people and showing up regularly means you can take your time to get to know people and find similarities. At Robbeburg, we are open 5 days a week for playgroup where some parents attend on the same day each week and have built up their own network group where it's not just the child that gets to play, but the parent gets to connect with other parents.

Opportunities: Robbeburg are always on the look out for volunteers of all kinds. Playgroup leaders- do you want to join our community and host our playgroups where you lead the activities for the young families one day a week? Host our monthly events? Join our committee to help us provide community events or join the board?

You will meet fellow parents, fellow stay at home moms, part time working moms, full time working moms and moms starting their own companies.

Motivation: Our child is all the motivation a parent needs. We want to provide everything possible to our child to make sure they thrive and develop. So joining our community will help expand your network, your knowledge and means you are contributing to help other parents who need a place to feel they. can go and belong.

Perceptions: Robbeburg was founded 48 years ago. It was created to help all families, wherever they are from, to have a place they can go and feel they are part of something. We live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities, and our playgroups reflect this with families from all four corners of the globe. We welcome everyone in to our community, as Robbeburg has thrived all these years because of its diversity and inclusivity.

We are working hard to bring Robbeburg into a post Covid era, into a more community based center to provide everything a young family requires.

Will you help us accomplish our vision, mission and goals?

Get in touch!

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