Experience our indoor playground 

Pre-school playgroup sessions for kids up to 4y/o

Looking for a place to let you kids play, interact, and burn down some energy? Robbeburg is the place! We have open playgroup sessions on  mornings and afternoons.


We offer visiting children up to 4 years old, the opportunity to play and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment in our indoor play area (and  outdoor during summer moths) which is home to our famous bouncy ball pit, a fun slide, a playhouse and a big variety of toys. Babies can play with sensory toys in the designated area while they enjoy watching the action. Parents can get involved or keep an eye on the fun while drinking some coffee or tea. Sessions are moderated by a volunteer and they usually involved playtime, a daily craft activity and interactive reading. Generally, sessions include free play time, snack time, an organised activity and a sing-along. We also have an outdoor play area that can be used  when the sun shines!

Everyone helps out with making coffee, tea and juice, preparing activities for the children, and tidying up. At the end of each session, all toys are returned to their designated places. Paintbrushes and pots are cleaned, tables wiped down and the craft cupboard left neat and tidy ready for the next group.

Because of Covid-19 Restrictions, please note at this time Robbeburg is only serving individual snacks and beverages. Water, biscuits, and raisins are provided 

Playgroup Leaders (Volunteers)

Each group elects a Session Leader, who is responsible for liaising with the Committee and greeting new members. The Session Leader has a key to the building and ensures that all responsibilities are shared between the group.

Being a session leader brings you lots of Robbeburg perks!

  • Full membership for all of your children on the day you volunteer

  • 50% off additional Flex or Fixed memberships 

  • 1 Free play date session

  • Keeping Robbeburg to stay open every day and a great way to meet more members in our community. 


Getting any of the these memberships will make you a proud member for the duration of your membership of our community, after signing up for any of the below memberships you will receive the statutes & deeds per e-mail.

Everyone first session is FREE!

Furthermore, if your child is younger than 6 months old, you can continue to visit the playgroups free of charge.

Please contact us for your free vouchers so you can make your bookings online

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