The Robbeburg holds open playgroup sessions for children aged 0-4 years on most mornings and some afternoons. Our play space accommodates babies and children up to 4 years with a box, crib & baby chairs for lying babies, a play yard for sitting, crawling & standing babies & a ball pit, slide, cozy house and many toys for toddlers & preschoolers. If you have flexibility, try out different days to see which group is best for you & your child.

Your first visit is free and if you only have one day available to come during your week, trust that there will most likely be children aged 0-4 in every session.

Even the smallest babies will enjoy watching the action while you have a coffee with some grown ups. Check the playgroup schedule to find out about all current sessions.

Your first session is FREE so come along and try it out!


How do the playgroup sessions work?

Each session functions in a slightly different way, depending on the age of the children and requirements of the group. Generally, sessions include free play time, snack time, an organised activity and a sing-along. We also have an outdoor play area that can be used Monday to Friday when the sun shines!

Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided by Robbeburg. We ask each child to bring a piece of fruit that will be cut up to and shared at the snack table.

Everyone helps out with making coffee, tea and juice, preparing activities for the children, and tidying up. At the end of each session, all toys are returned to their designated places. Paintbrushes and pots are cleaned, tables wiped down and the craft cupboard left neat and tidy ready for the next group.

Covid-19 Restrictions: Please note at this time Robbeburg is only serving individual snacks and beverages. Water, biscuits, and raisins are provided 

Playgroup sessions



10:00 - 12:00



10:00 - 12:00


Kate & Lindsey 



Emily, Yaara & Ivana

Karima & Orsola

10:00 - 12:00

15:30 - 17:30


Clodagh & Anna

10:00 - 12:00

If you would like to start an afternoon session or become a (co-)group leader let us know!


Who are the Session Leaders?

Each group elects a Session Leader, who is responsible for liaising with the Committee and greeting new members. The Session Leader has a key to the building and ensures that all responsibilities are shared between the group.

Being a session leader brings you lots of Robbeburg perks!

  • Full membership for all of your children on the day you volunteer

  • 50% off additional Flex or Fixed memberships 

  • 1 Free play date session

  • Keeping Robbeburg to stay open every day and a great way to meet more members in our community.


Come joins us: your first session is free!

  1. Sign up to join a specific session per week and save

  2. Get more flexibility with a multi-entry membership

  3. Pay a guest fee for every session you choose to attend

  4. Payment by PIN or Cash. We can accept exact change only please!

Fixed membership

Membership is based on a fixed session(s) per week. You can sign up for a membership at anytime and it will be valid for six consecutive months.

One session per week

First child

  • €143 (or €5,50 per session)

Second child*

  • €71,50 (or €2,75 per session)

Two or more sessions per week

First child

  • €143 for the first session

  • €71,50 for each subsequent session

Second child*

  • €71,50 for the first session

  • €35,75 for each subsequent session

*Subsequent siblings are free.

visit the membership page for more information and to purchase yours!

Flex membership

Offers flexibility to join any session at any time. Valid for 10 visits, Membership is not transferable.

First child

  • €80 (or €8,00 per session)

Second child*

  • €40 (or €4,00 per session)

*Subsequent siblings are free.

visit the membership page for more information and to purchase yours!

Guest fee

If you intend to only visit Robbeburg occasionally you can opt to pay a guest fee of €10.- per session for the first child and € 5.- per session for the second sibling*.

For existing fixed members attending extra sessions the fee is €5,50 per session for their first child and €2,75 for the second sibling*.


*Subsequent siblings are free.

visit the 'playgroup drop-in' in the booking portal for more information, to pick a date and to reserve your spot!


Robbeburg has updated its website in April 2020 and it is now accepting online payments to make it easier for our guests and members to perform online payments. As online security means a lot to us, the website provider 'Wix' is in compliance and certified against the PCI DSS. Your payment information will not be processed by Robbeburg but remains with the payment provider. 

Over the summer we phased out onsite pin machine. 

Reasons why we have made these changes:

- The website links with your mobile phone banking app

- The pin machine came with a monthly fee, saving on these assists Robbeburgs financial position

- The pin machine terminal was not a stable factor, connection issues were reported

- Less burden on the group leader / volunteer, everything is to be found online, no payment errors

- Provide additional methods of payments (Credit-cards, Paypal and Ideal)

- The transaction fees for anything playgroup related are covered within the fees.

We hope these changes are beneficial to our members. 

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