During your stay at Robbeburg

Failing to comply with any of the below may result on the loss of your deposit

Can I use decorations for my party?

Yes, however decorating with balloons is not allowed as popped balloons are a choking hazard for crawling babies. If you wish to decorate the walls , please use washi tape, instead of cello tape which could cause damage or leave permanent marks such as holes in the walls, peeled paint etc.

Is smoking allowed ?

Smoking is not allowed inside Robbeburg facility or in the inside garden

What do I do if there is any breakage when I arrive in Robbeburg ?

Please report breakages or ensure any breakages are reported as soon as possible via email to info@robbeburg.nl

Do I need to take my shoes off ?

Little babies crawl in our space, hence no shoes can be worn inside Robbeburg – if you do wish to wear them, please make use of the shoe covers that are kept by the entrance to the playroom.

 Can I bring my own food ? 

Yes, however food and drinks are only allowed in the first room where the tables and kitchen area are located. For safety , please note that nuts and cocktail/toothpicks are not allowed inside the facility.

Can I make use of the cutlery at Robbeburg ?

Yes, you can. Make sure that all the used cutlery is washed with the cleaning supplies that we provide  for you.


At the end of your stay at Robbeburg

Failing to comply with any of the below may result on the loss of your deposit

It is very important that you leave on time.

Please disinfect the surfaces used or touched with the cleaning supplies that Robbeburg offers at your disposal. If you wish to use the vacuum cleaner , please note that is located inside the cupboard in the last room.

Please put everything away and tidy up the play space area.

Please remove your own food , drinks, decorations and rubbish. Remove the garbage from the garbage bin in the kitchen  and nappy bin in the corridor (if used) and place a new garbage bag. Garbage bags can be found in the bottom of the garbage bin.  Kindly take the garbage with you and place it in the rest bins in the street

If you have turned the heat on please switch it off before leaving

Switch off all electric appliances

Switch off the lights

Close the play area door behind you . Wind up the key carefully inside the lockbox, close the lockbox, spin up the numbers and slide up the black panel down.

Close the white corridor door behind you. Press the lock button on the handle until a red light appears

Close the main green outside door behind you and make sure it is shut firmly . It is very important that you do NOT lock this door with the key.

Report any breakage as soon as possible via email to info@robbeburg.nl


Covid-19 protocol and guidelines

How many adults and children are allowed inside Robbeburg?

There is space for 50 people, however at the moment the capacity is limited due to the government covid-19 measures For playgroups the maximum number of adults allowed is 10.

For play dates and parties , the play date host can invite maximum of three households.

For parties the maximum number of adults is 20.

Are face masks required?

In line with government advice, adults from different households should maintain a 1.5 meter distance but mask are not mandatory.

Is there ventilation and air circulation at Robbeburg?

Yes, we ensure ventilation at all times with open windows. For that reason we advise you to pack an extra jumper in case it gets a bit chilly.

Do I need to fill in a health declaration form?

Yes, an electronic health declaration form will be emailed to you 24 hours before the booking starts . If you have booked a playdate or a party , only upon submission of the health declaration form will you receive instructions on how to access the Robbeburg building.

Can I cancel my booking if myself or my guests are sick, have covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with a covid 19 case in the past 10 days?

Yes, bookings can be cancelled up to 6 hours before the start of the session and you can reschedule for a time that suits you. Please contact us for re-scheduling info@robbeburg.nl


Booking questions

I have booked Robbeburg  for a party or a play date , how do I get the keys?

You will receive instructions how to access the facilities upon submission of a Covid health declaration form that will be emailed it to you 24 hours before your booking starts.

I did not get the instructions how to access Robbeburg

Please check your email (also spam ) and make sure that you received an email from Robbeburg International Playgroup , which should include a link to a health declaration form and a hiring agreement. Only upon completion of those two documents, you will receive Robbeburg instructions to open and close the building.  Please read the instructions carefully.

Can I cancel my booking?

Should you need to cancel your booking, you can do so up to 6 hours before the start of your reservation. Please be aware that cancellations are non-refundable, however, they will be replaced with a voucher to be used within 2 weeks  (playdates and playgroup) or 3 months (parties). If a lockdown makes use of these vouchers impossible, the time will be extended equal to the length of the lockdown.  In the event of it being a lockdown that makes the person unable to  complete a previous booking, they receive a voucher, good for 6 months, again extendable by any lockdown time.

Can I change my reservation to a different day?

It is possible to change your reservation for a different date, provided you inform us at least 6 hours in advance of the original booking time. Please contact us at info@robbeburg.nl

Can I extend the hours of my birthday party?

You can hire the venue for the specified time slots (9.30 to 13.30 and 14:00 to 18:00). You can choose to book one slot, or two adjacent slots depending on the amount of time you would like to make use of the space for. It might be possible to extend the hours of booking from 18:00 to 20:00 - please contact us for a quote at info@robbeburg.nl


Venue location

How much does it cost to rent Robbeburg?

When our playgroup sessions are not running, you can rent the venue for a number of purposes.

  • Private use; Playdates - you can rent the space for two hours any day of the week at a cost of 21 eur.  Due to current COVID regulations, the play date host can invited a maximum of THREE households.

  • Private use parties - with our party bookings, you can rent the space for 4 hours. These are available any day of the week -please get in touch with us to check availability. Party hires cost 107 euro plus a 50 euro deposit. 157 euro will be taken at the time of booking, with the 50 euro deposit refunded after your party, providing that the hiring agreement has been fulfilled. Due to covid restrictions, maximum number of adults is 20.

  • Business use- Robbeburg can be rented for business purposes to host classes, events, workshops, conferences, etc. Please contact us for availability and prices.

What do the indoor facilities look like?

Our venue has a large indoor play area to stimulate learning by play. The play area
has a ball pit, a fun slide, a wooden playhouse, role play areas and a huge variety of toys and books. We also have a cupboard full of supplies for arts and crafts. For your littlest ones, we have baby bouncers, a baby swing and a baby box. Alongside these play areas are comfy seating areas for the adults and a small kitchen area. Check our gallery photos on this pagina to have a pick!

What do the outdoor facilities look like?

Our outdoor play area is open during playgroup and often also used for our events. It has a large sandbox, swings, a slide and play house area. It also has chalk, balls, and bicycles and tricycles for children. Adults can relax on 2 large benches and a wide variety of chairs. Unfortunately due to shared use of this area with other organizations it is not available for parties or playdates use.

How many people can Robbeburg accommodate?

There is space for 50 people, however at the moment the capacity is limited due to the government covid-19 measures. Please refer to our covid-19 policy for the current number of people allowed indoors.

Does Robbeburg have a kitchen and kitchen supplies?

There is a small kitchen with a sink, fridge and coffee and tea appliances. Should you wish to use them, please make sure the kitchen is left clean and tidy before you leave and disconnect applies to minimise risk.

Does Robbeburg have toilet facilities?

Yes, there are two toilets for small children and one toilet for adults.

Does Robbeburg have baby changing facilities?

Yes, there is a dedicated  area

Is there a parking space in the area ?

Cars can be parked in the street directly in front of Robbeburg or on any adjacent
street. Street parking cost 4.50 Eur per hour Monday to Saturday. Sundays are free of charge.