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How Robbeburg is helping Ukrainian refugees families

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Back in February Putin commenced a war on Ukraine, which caused millions to flea their homeland in search of safer grounds for themselves, their children and parents. In March, as the first refugees arrived into Amsterdam, Robbeburg quickly stepped up to be a place they could bring their young families for the kids to play, and the parents to have a safe place to be able to have a moment to themselves. We ran these playgroups on Thursday from the end of March.

During April we ran a fundraiser, and within 24hours had hit our first target, we doubled it and again within another 24 hours we had achieved it. This money was raised to be able to provide entertainment for the children and support for the parents. Working with one of the Ukrainian moms, we were informed they just wanted a regular place to bring the children, as many were trying to find jobs, and had no access to childcare. They didn't want Ukrainian books, food, or other entertainment, just to be able to use Robbeburg regularly. So with that, we agreed to provide shelter for another 2 days a week to give more regularity. And in July this went to 5 days a week.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to make this happening.

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