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Robbeburg is a volunteer run inclusive community founded as a non profit organisation in 1975 by parents with the aim to support families’ by hosting playgroup sessions. We are here to help parents connect with their children and families to connect with other families.

A kids' playgroup is a great place start building your network and making new  friends. Come and drop by!
As a non profit organisation , we have our deeds. Once you acquire a playgroup membership, you automatically become a member and will receive a copy of our statutes with a right to vote during our Annual General Meetings, among other things


“Take some time to learn first aid. It saves lives, and it works. ”

First Aid for Babies and Toddlers Course 

The Baby and Toddler First Aid course will prepare you how to deal with both minor and unexpected medical emergencies.

We have teamed up with EHBO Bureau to provide First Aid training courses in English in Robbeburg.

The course costs €94 which you *may* be able to get a refund from your insurance provider.

We will be arranging the up coming courses. Interested in a mid week session 19-22h? Click beneath to register your interest!

First Aid


Kids up to 4 years old. 1 parent/caretaker per booking
Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm.
UNLIMITED monthly playgroup visit for only €60 or €90 if you have 2 children.
€10 for a single visit or €15 if you have 2 children.


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