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Kids up to 4 years old. 1 parent/caretaker per booking
Monday to Friday from 10am to 12-pm.
UNLIMITED monthly playgroup visit for only €60 or €90 if you have 2 children.
€12 for a single visit or €17 if you have 2 children.


is it your 1st time ?

1/ Register on the website (click Log in at the top right corner of the page  and follow the registration steps) .

2/buy a membership valid for two sessions

3/ book a playgroup session here . It is important to reserve your spot as playgroups are limited to 10 parents

Did you visit before and are you a member?

1/log in your account 

2/get a membership (see below) 

3/ book a playgroup session here. It is important to reserve your spot as playgroups are limited to 10 parents


Come to Robbeburg


Playgroup: List


Encouraging and sharing healthy habits


Arts and crafts

Having fun and a laugh while developing fine motor skills


Fun, safe and stimulating environment

Children and parents sharing experiences and having a great time!

Playgroup: What We Do

What do we offer ?

Community, Family, Friendship

A playgroup is not a day care, kids drop off center or a school. It is a an informal and relaxed get together  where mums, dads, grandparents, carers , babies and children get to experience the welcoming support and help of the community. Playgroup sessions are moderated by a volunteer and usually involves free playtime, a daily craft activity and an interactive reading or sing-along. 

Robbeburg is run entirely by its members on a voluntary basis. We aim to be:

  • A safe and friendly environment for kids (ages 0-4) to play

  • A great place to get to know other mums and dads

  • Somewhere your kids can run off steam

  • A place where kids can play and interact with other children

At Robbeburg we offer an opportunity to play and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment in our indoor playground area (and  outdoor when the sun shines)  which is home to our famous bouncy ball pit, a fun slide, a playhouse and a big variety of toys. Babies can play with sensory toys in the designated area while they enjoy watching the action. Parents can get involved or have some coffee or tea and a relaxed chat.

Playgroup: Who We Are