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Come enjoy playgroup!

Robbeburg is specifically designed for young children and babies, featuring a ball pit, slide, playhouse, and a wide selection of toys, books, and art supplies for crafts. Additionally, there are bouncers and a cot for babies. Playgroups are an informal and relaxed environment where kids can play with each other and parents/caretakers can mingle and get to know others in the community. Complementary coffee and tea are provided for parents/caretakers. 


Playgroups take place Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and are for kids four years old and under. Kids are to be accompanied by a parent/caretaker for the entire playgroup and each booking permits one parent/caretaker.


  • UNLIMITED monthly playgroup visits for only €60 or €90 for two or more children from the same household.

  • First time membership for €15 valid for 2 sessions.

  • €12 for a single visit or €17 for two or more children from the same household.

First Time Visitors

  1. Register on the website (click Log in and follow the registration steps).

  2. Buy a 1st Time Membership valid for two sessions for €15. Otherwise, buy 1st visit/one kid for €12 or 1st visit/two or more kids for €17. 

  3. Book playgroup sessions here in advance. Playgroups are limited to 10 parents.

Repeat Visitors

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Maintain a valid membership for one kid 60/month, or 2 or more kids 90/month

  3. Book playgroup sessions here in advance. Playgroups are limited to 10 parents.

Robbeburg also offers the chance to rent its space for private parties and playdates.

For further details, please check out the Party and Playdate page.



Eat together while encouraging healthy eating habits.


arts and crafts

Laugh and have fun while developing fine motor skills.



Children play together in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment with parents/caretakers. 


Robbeburg kindly asks the following of parents/caretakers attending playgroups:

  • Bring one piece of fruit to share. The volunteer playgroup host will cut all the fruit brought and share it for snack halfway through playgroup. 

  • Check in with the playgroup host upon entering.  

  • Follow the terms and conditions applicable to the playgroup. This includes taking off shoes before entering, not bringing food into the play areas, and refraining from bringing any food that contains nuts, even for personal consumption by your children. Robbeburg has a strict no-nuts policy.

  • Robbeburg is run entirely by its members on a voluntary basis, this includes the playgroup host(s). Help put toys away, and clean up after yourself and your kid(s) before leaving.


Cancelation Policy 

Playgroup cancellations are nonrefundable and must be made by 8:00 am on the same day. You can attend another session within two weeks of the original booking if you cancel before 8:00 am. Late cancellation for monthly members will result in a one-day reduction of the pass, while flex members will lose a session. Follow the policy to avoid losing classes.


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Introductory Package - 1st Time Visitor€ 15,00
Duration: 1 monthSessions: 2

Total€ 15,00
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You can only purchase this once and if you are new to Robbeburg The two sessions should be used within the month of purchase

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