Robbeburg is a volunteer run inclusive community founded as a non-profit organisation in 1974 by volunteer parents with the aim to support families’ wellbeing by hosting playgroup sessions to help parents connect with their children and families to connect with other families.

Our Mission is to enrich and support the lives of families with small children, by providing a safe and friendly environment for kids to play, socialise and have fun, and for families to connect, build a support network and help each other


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Robbeburg is a non profit organisation entery run by volunteers. Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, our volunteers are the backbone of Robbeburg. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our non profit organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible volunteers.

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Ruth Suarez Pinto

Board Member -Treasurer

Ruth has been helping Robbeburg with in many areas from finances, events, legalities and is also working in many ways to improve your experience at Robbeburg.


Virginia Cavalletti

We love the Robbeburg: during the 2nd and 3rd lockdowns, it has been a lifesafer. We would book 2 playdate sessions in a row with a friend, and spend a day with the kids indoors (great for the rainy, cold winter days). Even children who have difficulties with independent play at home, end up playing independently at Robbeburg: maybe because of the "new" toys; maybe because of the ball pit, slide and foam mattresses to build creatively; maybe because they feel safe to explore while their parents are closeby in the next room. Also great to bring babies along, as there are baby toys, baby-friendly carpets to do some tummy time and changing facilities. I would recommend it 100%!

Carmen Ballesteros

Robberburg has only recently become a part of our lives, but yet it has already had a huge impact. Specially now in winter with so much cold on the parks. In the mornings, it is an ideal place where your little one can enjoy a warm nice environment adapted to kids as well as the company of other children but always under your attentive and loving gaze. In addition, we have also gotten used to renting the place in the afternoon together with other friends with children and it is a great plan for the little ones while the parents have coffee and catch up. Thank you for the love and effort you all put into Robbeburg.

if you are looking for a place to host a birthday party or to have a nice playdate for your little ones - Robbeburg is your address. You've got everything you need there. Full of toys for all ages (up to 5-6 for sure) and also suitable for the smallest ones. There is a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, so you can easily warm up food. We had a lovely birthday party there! Perfect place to rent for a kids birthday party! You have everything you need, small kitchen, tables, small chairs, baby high chairs and sofas. Not to mention all the toys of course! There is plenty of space for the toddlers to run around and get their energy out!

I have only visited Robbeburg post-covid but have really enjoyed every visit! I have booked play dates with a close friend and it’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon, especially rainy days! There are lots of great toys to keep children of all ages entertained. The space is always clean and easy to access. I feel so lucky to have this little child-friendly escape! Thank you for making this place available, it has been a life saver on quite a few occasions :)

Robbeburg is a lovely local playgroup centre that you can hire for kids private parties and playdates. My family and I have enjoyed playgroup sessions, playdates and parties there. Many, many toys and activities for young children and comfy sofas with small kitchen area for adults. The playdate hire has been very helpful during lockdown! It's run by volunteers who are always friendly and reply quickly to messages. Would definitely recommend to families with children.

Use the Robbeburg for kids parties (my children are now at school) Always a great choice. You can hire the place for a half day which gives you time to set (& dismantle!) the party without rushing and getting stressed. Whilst you supply your own food and drink you can use the extensive kitchen facilities- and as it is all one big room you can continue to supervise the children. Your use of the centre is based a lot on trust and respect. Highly recommend for children's parties.

Fantastic location in the Rivierenbuurt for small kids. My 4 year old used to attend playgroup sessions every Wednesday and she never wanted to leave as she always had so much fun playing with other children!. The volunteers do an excellent job by making everyone feel so welcome and inclusive! During the lockdown period, I also booked a few kids playdate sessions and one kid birthday party and I was super happy to have a safe place to go with my little one , where my child was not exposed to covid-19 and where she could play with her best friends! I would definetely recommend it again and again!

We have been going to Robbeburg for many years, having celebrated both my childrens birthdays there and attending playgroup from 6 months old until 4 years with both children I can highly recommend this place. A huge apartment filled with every toy imaginable. A great support for mother's and children in Amsterdam.

We love to use Robbeburg for playdates. It's a great alternative venue, with so many toys every child is happy. There is a ball pit, slide, soft play, kitchen area, ride along toys, lego, books... and boxes full of fun stuff! It is clean and easy to access, with a useful kitchen area to make a cuppa. A perfect few hours at a reasonable price!

Great place to bring kids for a corona-safe play date - and a way for parents to get a break! We’ve used this space many, many times over the last 18months and it’s absolutely perfect for my kids (ages 4 & 3). It’s also great value. I highly recommend!

This place was a god send during Corona times it was a little escape for the kids to go and play. There is plenty to keep the kids occupied from the ball pool to the playhouse they just love it. When things return to normal it will be a great place to meet others and make new friends. I highly recommend a visit.

I love coming here with my kids! Private ball pit, indoor slide, as well as loads of other toys to keep the kids entertained no matter what the weather. Best thing is that you can meet two friends and have as many kids there as you like! great tea and coffee making facilities. Highly recommended!

Great place for kids to play! Safe, with several toys options, plus the coffee corner that is also a nice touch.
Will definitely come back!

Such a fun space for my daughter and her friends!

My kids love to play here and especially the ballenbak! Some toys need to be updated.

Fantastic concept!! Kids had a blast, and us adults could relax and have a conversation (normally chasing after kids in the park) whilst the children play in a FUN and safe area!! Have already recommended to all my friends!

Fantastic place in Rivierenbuurt, perfect for a playdate or kids party, full of toys for all ages (besides regular toys, there is a slide and a ball pit, a number of ride-on toys, lots of books, instruments, crafts, a baby crib and some baby toys). Adults can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while children are playing. This is also a safe place for a playdate in covid times. Love going there with my 3 years old :) Highly recommended!

We’ve used this space many times. Playdate or party would be great, get a break! It’s absolutely perfect for wide age range, from 2-3 till even 7 years old. Clean, safe and very well prepared for great time. Highly recommended.

I visited Robbeburg for a play date in the final week of lockdown and was very pleased to find a clean, well-cared for space with toys for all types. The ballpool is a huge hit! Facilities are great fun for children from baby to age 6 or so, plus there's a baby-gym for newborns. Cleaning stations and Covid precautions were also great.

We had a great time!! The kids enjoyed a lot! 🥳🥳 Highly recommended !

Excellent indoor playground for babies and toddlers, super well equipped with kitchen and toilets. Easy access!

We had a birthday party at Robbeburg. The kids had a great fun! The place is safe, has everything you need, a lot of toys and space to move.

Ankita Mondal

Celebrated my daughter’s birthday here. A great place for kids to play independently and a also parents can also relax & have a nice time.

You have a toddler who recently started walking and you want to meet up with couple of your friends who happen to have toddlers at the same age. You tried outside, parks, cafes etc. but you all ended up chasing your kids rather than have some grown-up talk. Well this place is the absolute best solution (well almost like home). We love coming here on a weekly basis. While our kids run around discover toys in a safe space, we can have some much needed rest/fun time ourselves.

A great concept! It is really a nice place for children to play safely with many kind of toys and for parents to have a coffee without getting tired. Besides the birthdays, you can also book the venue for playdates!

This place was a haven for us in lockdown. The only place where we could safely have our very first play date - the ball pit was a massive hit! Looking forward to having more fun in the future

During lockdown, we reserved the space on a rainy day. It was a great way to get my two kids out of the house and not be muddy and wet. It just felt like a big playroom and we made the most of it.

Brilliant facility for little ones playtime. We hired the playgroup for a 2hr period for our 2yr old twins and they had an absolute ball. The area has a kitchen and really great space for family socialising as well as little one's play. I can see how it would be a fantastic place for a birthday party. If I wasn't working full time I'd be attending with my two during the week as well!

Really nice location for kids

Robbeburg is a great space for kids, full of toys and activities to entertain your little ones. We hired it for a private play date and my kids and their friends had a blast! :)

We hebben de ruimte van Robbeburg gehuurd voor een verjaardagsfeestje van onze dochter van 4. Dit was perfect! Alles wat je nodig hebt is aanwezig. De kinderen hebben zich heel erg goed vermaakt. De prijs/kwaliteit verhouding is ook erg goed. Je krijgt waar voor je geld! Zeer tevreden

We absolutely love this place. Toys for every kid, children get to play together and develop their social skills.
In addition it's nice for moms/nannies too. Coffee and small talk.

Great facilities for kids especially the younger babies to 6/7 year olds. Oldest English language playgroup in Amsterdam run by volunteers with little governmental support. Happy to support them through these difficult lock down times.


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