Party and play date Terms & Conditions

Failing to comply with any of the below may result on the loss of your deposit for your party and/or play date

Head Count

Parties max 50 people, including children. 4 hours, 130eur +70eur deposit 

Playdates max Max 3 households. Unlimited number of kids under 13 years old BELONGING to those  households.  2 hours. 25 eur


The renter must not arrive earlier than the start of the booking time (9.30 or 13.30) and must not leave later than booking ending time (13.30 or 18:00) Time of booking includes set up and clean up.Additional time in the premises will be charged accordingly at a rate of 25 eur per hour. 

Personal use

The renter is hiring Robbeburg for their own personal use. It is forbidden to resell the slot . The renter understands that he/she is hiring the use of three adjoining rooms, hall and toilets. This includes the use of the craft, books and toy supplies and it excludes use of the gym and outdoor area.


The renter must ensure the facility is locked properly following the instruction provided,  the keys are returned to their safety place, and that all doors are closed and shut firmly before leaving the premises . The renter must NOT share the entry codes with anyone else and must NOT provide access to the facilities to people outside their party.


The renter must take responsibility for the care of all equipment at Robbeburg and  shall compensate financially for any damages at Robbeburg. The renter must report any breakages or irregularities to Robbeburg as soon as possible.
The renter understands that the usage of latex balloons are forbidden inside the facilities ( foil balloons are allowed) 
The renter understands that toothpick and NUTS are forbidden inside the facility.


Smoking is forbidden . The renter must ensure the rooms and equipment are left vacuumed, clean, tidy and sanitized. The renter must disinfect all surfaces before leaving the premises. Robbeburg recommends but does not require that you also disinfect all surfaces upon entering. Renter will pay for additional cleaning expenses incurred if the facilities are deemed to have been left uncleaned and/or prevent Robbeburg's cleaner for cleaning.

Loss, Damage & Injury

The renter understands that Robbeburg is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal property nor liable for any personal injury.

Changes and cancellations

Party and play dates - Cancellation must be made 48 hours before the start of the booking. Cancellations are non refundable and  they will be replaced with  a voucher to be used within 3 moths.

Playgroup - Cancellations are not refundable and must be made no later than 8.00 am on the day of the start of the playgroup.  We will offer you the possibility to attend another playgroup session within 2 weeks. If you hold a monthly membership and you failed to cancel on time, the duration of your monthly pass will be reduced by one calendar day.If you hold a flex membership a session will be automatically eliminated from your card. 

Events- Cancellations are non refundable, however the tickets may be transferable to another person.


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