Single family use or invite a friend to play

2 hrs     l     € 20

Whether you are a more cautious family or just looking for a quiet play date location outside of your home, Robbeburg is offering the chance to hire the venue privately. For playdates due to COVID there is a maximum of TWO adults (anyone over the age of 12) with a group of children. Please do note, that any children present must live at the same address as at least one of the adults who is present.


Robbeburg has taken measures to ensure the health and safety of our community is protected to the best of our ability.


Prior to receiving building access, we ask you to complete a health declaration which you will receive via e-mail +/- 24 hrs before . It is to be honestly completed by the host to confirm you and your guests are all in good health. 

Jekerstraat 84, 1078 MG Amsterdam, Netherlands

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