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Partnership with Lovevery

Available Now

Lovevery’ has finally arrived in Europe and they’ve set up an affiliate partnership with Robbeburg! What does this mean for our members?
You can play with Lovevery toys at our playgroups, and we have an exclusive 15% discount for you.


Block Set

This set contains 70 wooden blocks and 18 shapes, provides 20 different ways to play and stimulates spatial awareness, language skills and problem-solving skills. It provides fun learning in more than 20 development phases. Developed by experts in child development grows with your child from toddler to school age and beyond. A award-winning smart, practical system your child can use to stack, roll, string, count, sort,  and connect! Make other toys with this toy: pull cart, build villages, towers and bridges and learn letters, shapes and colors, play dominoes and much more!
Order at and use code: ROBBEBURG2021 to get a 15% discount.

Play Gym

This impressive play gym is fun for a whole year, with five zones to support your baby at every stage of development throughout their first year. Made with natural materials and sustainably sourced, FSC-certified wood, the play mat helps you connect with your baby while he explores his new world. On this play mat, babies can learn to fixate, make sound, discover how things feel, hide & find items, explore colors and use the play space cover for imaginary play! Come to Robbeburg to check it out

Order at and use code: ROBBEBURG2021 to get a 15% discount.

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