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We are a non-profit, international kids playgroup based in the Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam. The Robbeburg is run entirely by members on a voluntary basis. We aim to be:

  • A safe and friendly environment for kids (ages 0-4) to play

  • A great place to get to know other mums and dads

  • Somewhere your kids can run off steam

  • A place where kids can play and interact in your native language

Robbeburg playgroup sessions are open to anyone – check out our playgroup schedule to find out about current sessions, or pick an open slot and start a session yourself.

As we receive no funding for our non-commercial cause, we are dependent on our members and volunteers who provide Robbeburg with their time, experience and support. All (must needed) income goes back into our commitment to provide a safe environment for our members and guests. Robbeburg provides you with tea, coffee and a cookie (or more if you would like!), purchase arts and crafts materials, pay for our rent, insurance and gives us the option to once in a while replace some of the toys or add new stuff to our inventory. But above all, your support goes to enable Robbeburg to be a social community where Dutchies and expats alike can come together with their young children and help and assist each other by talking about their experience, their child(ren) and the integration into the Amsterdam region. As a member you can drive and give direction to Robbeburg during our (A)GM's and to learn more about the vision we have for Robbeburg, above else, we hope that you become part of our experience.

Come join us for a morning session and experience the friendliness that our community has to offer, we love to see you soon!


About Robbeburg

Committed to enriching and supporting the lives of families with small children

Robbeburg began in 1974 when a few parents in Amstelveen, just outside Amsterdam, were looking for a playgroup for their children. They thought it was important that young children learnt to play together, in a safe, friendly environment. Unfortunately this sort of playgroup could not be found in the Amsterdam area. In response to notices put up in some apartment blocks, a group of four adults and seven children was formed on Monday 4th November 1974.

There was obviously a need for such a playgroup and within a few weeks the number of children had increased to 14. The playgroup continued to grow & strengthen, adding more sessions to accommodate the demand from parents.

After more than 30 years in Amstelveen, Robbeburg Playgroup relocated to its current home at Jekerstraat 84, Amsterdam in June 2006.

Robbeburg currently serves an international community and welcomes families of any nationality, sessions are offered in English.

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Arts and Crafts

Having fun and a laugh while developing fine motor skills


Encouraging and sharing healthy habits

Social interaction

Children and parents having a great time!

News and Updates

Know everything about Robbeburg


COVID-19 impact: Robbeburg needs your help!

April 15th, 2020

COVID-19 impact

Updated April 14th, 2020

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