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Latest update 28th September 2020

After the last update, September 28th, from the government in regards to the COVID-19 status, Robbeburg would like to inform you about the following: We are open!

And we are still providing our playgroups and party venue. As with the beginning with COVID in March we need to be aware and vigilant and keep social distancing rules in mind. For this Robbeburg has implemented additional measures.

  • With COVID -19 being an airborne illness the windows must remain open to ensure  proper ventilation 

  • At this time adults are strongly advised to wear a mask inside the facility. We do have disposal masks available on site

  • All visitors need to wash their hands with provided gels and soaps, paper towels are provided and cleaning product is available for the area. 

  • All visitors must stay home if they experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms (

  • Playgroup guests advised to book via the website so can control session numbers. 

  • Adults are always to keep 1,5 meter distance in mind when in our facility, the host is responsible to inform and manage their guests that they do

  • All families (the adults), 1 form per family, will need to provide us with their details for tracing purposes, these forms will be made available at the entrance of our facility (at the 2nd door). Please inform your guest that this is a requirement to keep us all safe and informed

  • To reduce additional risk inform your guests to bring their own pen, to mitigate the potential transfer of the virus through 1 pen

  • Party numbers capped at 30 MAX with no more than 20 adults in the overall headcount

  • We are aware that these measures are drastic, if guests are not willing to fill in the form, they are NOT welcome inside, the information required is: family name and first name per adult, phone number, email address, the name of the party host, the forms will have to be put in the locked mailbox and kept for 4 weeks after which their information is shredded, their information will be shared with the GGD upon request if a local spread is happening. The form will not be copied or otherwise electronically processed

  • We kindly ask you for your cooperation, to enjoy your time and allowing Robbeburg to provide you with our facility for multiple families to use, only together we can beat this virus 

Robbeburg has been following the RIVM protocols. The health and safety of our community is paramount and we have put health and safety measures in place.

Jekerstraat 84, 1078 MG Amsterdam, Netherlands

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